Terms of Use | Surplus Network

1. These terms, along with our Privacy Policy, apply to your use of any product and/or service (the "Program") offer by Surplus.net and its affiliates. If you are benefiting from the Program, then you are deemed to accept these Terms and it forms a legally binding agreement between you and Surplus.net. If you do not to agree with these Terms, Privacy Policy, or any applicable agreements, then please do not use the Program, as they constitute a binding agreement between you ("Member") and Surplus.net.

2. Surplus.net offers a Program that allows Members to earn Commission on purchases made through promoted products & merchants linked from Surplus.net ("Commission"). Joining and using Surplus.net requires you to input certain persona information such as your name and email. Surplus.net does not sell or distribute your personal information to any third parties and Surplus.net does not spam its Members. Surplus.net generates revenue by referring buyers to affiliated merchants and distributes the revenue to pay Members Commission on eligible purchases made through promoted products & merchants linked from Surplus.net.

3. You understand that by using our service and by becoming a Member of our Program, your Surplus.net account is your sole responsibility. In addition, Surplus.net is not responsible for any additional charges from affiliated merchants that you may incur for using our Program, including data or other telecommunication or Internet or wireless service provider fees.

4. When signing-up for the Program, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Privacy Policy. You also consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Surplus.net for the purpose of creating your account and tracking your Commission on eligible purchases. You must provide correct, current, and complete information during the registration process. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of your user information.

5. Each Surplus.net is intended to apply to a single user. Should you choose to share your account with others, you agree that you are solely responsible for all activities and transactions that occur through your account. You will promptly notify Surplus.net if you become aware of any unauthorized access or use of your account.

6. We may terminate or suspend your account at any time, without notice to you, if we believe your use of the Program breaches the Terms.

7. Earning Commission is straightforward. Sign in with your Surplus.net account, search for products on Surplus.net, and obtain the links to promote. Once buyers complete purchases on our affiliated merchants. You will earn Commission on the net purchase amount (order item total). Specific Commission amounts will vary by product and affiliated merchant.

8. Refunds or cancelled orders will also reflect on your account as negative Commission adjustments.

9. To earn Commission, buyers must complete purchases during the same shopping session after clicking on a product link on Surplus.net. If buyers visit other sites before completing purchases, the purchases might not be tracked properly and you might not earn Commission on your purchase.

10. If buyers disable cookies on their computers you will also not be able to earn Commission, as cookies are used to track and authenticate buyers and purchases generated.

11. To receive payment of accrued Commission on Surplus.net, you must establish and maintain an active account with Surplus.net, with the information necessary to process your payment, such as a valid PayPal email address. Surplus.net will transfer Commission payments through PayPal. It is your responsibility to ensure that the PayPal email address associated with your account profile is accurate. Your PayPal account must be able to accept international money transfers from both Canada and United States.

12. Surplus.net pays its Members accrued Commission every month in United States dollars (USD) via PayPal. Within the first week of every month, the total earned for the previous month will be calculated and associated with a Payout Record. Then each Payout Record will be processed 2-3 weeks from the record creation date. For example, for Commission earned in January, a Payout Record will be generated within the first week of February, and the Payout Record for January will be processed before the end of February.

13. Each Payout Record will contain both positive transactions on verified sales, and negative transactions on refunds and cancelled orders.

14. Sales and Commission payments relating to purchases made through your account may be delayed by up to 3 business days due to delayed processing and reporting by our affiliated merchants. We do our best to minimize any delay on reporting and payments.

15. You may not use your Surplus.net account to perform fraudulent activities such as making purchases with stolen payment methods and information. Surplus.net reserves the right to delay or deny payment for any purchase completed on our affiliated merchant websites, and is not responsible for any credits or debits made to and from your account.

16. You must be logged into Surplus.net and enter your password to make changes to your account information.

17. By signing up as a Member of Surplus.net, you agree to receive communications that are account and membership related, as well as periodic marketing emails on information available to Surplus.net Members.

18. Any failure to comply with our Terms, any fraud or abuse relating to the accrual or receipt of Commission rewards, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Surplus.net or its affiliates may result in the termination of your account, participation in the Program, and forfeiture of your accrued Commission rewards.

19. The determination of whether or not a purchase made through a Surplus.net merchant qualifies for Commission is at the sole discretion of Surplus.net. Affiliated merchants may fail to report a transaction to Surplus.net or withhold payments to Surplus.net. Surplus.net reserves the right to cancel the Commission associated with any transaction.

20. If Surplus.net has any reason to suspect fraudulent activity associated with your account, Surplus.net reserves the right to delay or without payment of Commission. You give Surplus.net full permissions to review your account with affiliated merchants where Surplus.net suspects fraudulent activity.

21. Surplus.net is not responsible for lost or stolen payments. Surplus.net is not responsible for payments delivered to the wrong recipient through no fault of Surplus.net, or for payment errors made by third party payment processors such as PayPal.

22. It is your responsibility to check your account regularly to ensure that Commission has been properly credited and paid, and that your account balance is accurate.

23. You may be taxed on your receipt of Commission payments. In all instances, you will be solely responsible for any and all tax liability arising out of your Commission payments.

24. Surplus.net is not responsible, and will not be liable to you or anyone else, for any damages whatsoever and howsoever caused arising out of or in connection with your Surplus.net Member account. You agree to indemnify and hold Surplus.net, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by any party due to or arising out of a Member's use of the Program.

25. Surplus.net provides its website and the information on the website on an "as is, where is" basis, and does not make any express or implied warranties, representations, endorsements with respect to the websites or the information, including without limitation, warranties as to merchantability, operation, non-infringement, usefulness, completeness, accuracy, currency, reliability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Surplus.net reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time with or without notice. Surplus.net does not warrant, guarantee, or make any representation regarding the quality or accuracy of advertisements for any products or services offered or provided by affiliated merchants in conjunction with the Program. In addition, Surplus.net does not warrant that access to this site, or use of the Program will be uninterrupted or error-free, and Surplus.net assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by your access or inability to access Surplus.net or use the Program.

26. Further, Surplus.net does not represent or warrant that the Applications will be available and meet a Member's requirements, that access will be uninterrupted, that there will be no delays, difficulties in use, defects, incompatibility, failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information, that no viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties will be transmitted or that no damage will occur to your computer system. You have sole responsibility for taking protection and backup of data and/or equipment and for taking reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses or other destructive properties.

27. The Program and its associated services of Surplus.net that are described or made available may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice. Surplus.net may modify the Terms from time to time, with or without notice, and your continued participation in the Program after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. It is your responsibility to check our Terms on our website regularly. If you do not agree to any modification of our Terms, you must immediately cease participation in the Program.